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© 2022 Luca Bordoni for the 48K ZX Spectrum


The evil computer bugs have raided the Galactic Computer Museum, and in an act of theft and vandalism, spread many 8-Bit systems of history across multiple zones.

You are adventurer Bob Smith, complete with a Hans Olo Blaster, who has come to visit the Galactic Computer Museum on his vacation. So angry is Bob with this wanton vandalism, he vows to put the Galaxy back to its right state by collecting the 8-Bit machines for the museum and deleting computer bugs wherever he finds them!


Default controls are:

Keys are redefineable, Kempston option available.


- recover the blaster in the first screen;

- in HARD mode, energy will drop more quickly when colliding with enemies;

- bullets recharge the blaster, hearts recharge energy;

- you can kill cockroaches by jumping on them;

- be careful with electricity and turrets on the ground, they are high voltage!

- avoid falling from great heights;

- find the passage in the basement to get to the caves;

- portals can be used to be teleported to the first screen;

- there is no order to recover old computers, it's possible to place them in any display case in the Museum.


Andy hired me for this game to accompany the campaign of his latest documentary "The 8-Bit Wars". He had just enough time to approve it before his passing, he told me that the final version was perfect and he liked it very much.

Originally the project was planned for different platforms, this is the main one on which the others would be based.

The zip package includes:
- TZX & TAP files
- TXT & PDF instructions
- Inlay cover art


- Luca Bordoni - Program and art
- Andy Remic - Concept design
- Mongrel - Cover art
- Clive Townsend - Loading screen
- Rich Hollins - Music
- Rob Shedwick - Original music


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Very nice platform game with awesome title music. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:24:46. English subtitles are also available. Subscription to our YouTube and Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂


Many thanks!

Many thanks for this, here is my tribute to your game.  A subscribe from anyone viewing would also be most welcome.

Cool review, thanks mate!

Cool! Thx for work!

Many thanks.

Got a walkthrough up here. Didn't think I'd complete it when I first started, but it came together sooner than I thought :)


A complete walkthrough, thanks!

Such a shame that Andy never got to see the completion of his 8-Bit Wars project. Loved his last films, and have read some of his books. The game start screen is a great image of Andy. I am here after seeing TJ Ferreira's video, and I look forward to playing. Cheers

Thanks mate, enjoy the game.

very good

Thanks Marco.

Nice game!

Thanks mate!


Enjoyed the game today.  Thanks to you and Andy and team for a nice and fun game.  Here is my 1st go.  


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Thanks TJ, it's always a pleasure to watch your reviews! Oh by the way, I've just updated the instructions with the "balster" to "blaster" fix :-)


cool, glad I could help with the typo.  hahahaha.  That is better than my game play.